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Finally simple and affordable contracts –with personal advises!

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Select from a large universumof templates for contracts and legal documents, whatever you need!

Personal advice by our lawyers

Our lawyers answer all your questions regarding the templates. In our subscription model free consultations are already included!


Legally binding

24/7 access

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Personal consultation


Select a template from the platform

It does not matter what you, on the Lexea platform you find +500 templates.


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24/7 you can download any template from the Lexea platform.


Modify template in Word

Modify the template easily in Word. Simple explanations guide you through the template.


Print template or send it by email

Simply print the modified template or send it via email.


Receive personal advice from our lawyers

If you have questions regarding the templates or need legal advice, our lawyers are there to help you.

All important contracts for your business in one place – for an amazing price!

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