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We are working on a universe that offers any contract a SME or startup in Switzerland might have! We want to avoid overpriced attorney fees! We offer a universe of over 500 templates and our team of lawyers is available to answer your questions at any time.

We create affordable legal security for SMEs and startups!


About Lexea

Our goal is to create a platform for SME and startups on which they can find any relevant contract templates, whether it's for selling stocks, hiring employees or creating invoices. On Lexea you find the right template for every situation.

All templates were created by our lawyers and are legally binding. These contract templates allow companies to handle their actions secure from a legal perspective without huge expense for expensive lawyers.

If you have any questions, our team of lawyers is always available and can advise you on tricky questions.
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The Nexus Group

Lexea is a project of the Nexus Group. Th Nexus Group works on the next generation of FinTech and LegalTech Solutions – made in Switzerland!

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